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If you spare a few minutes then you can complete Whataburger customer satisfaction survey very easily. Our article provides you full information about the procedure to take the survey, additional information about Whataburger, Whataburger sweepstakes etc. By conducting the survey, Whataburger will collect the feedback from the customers and make use of it. The customer’s feedback will be very helpful for the function of Whataburger.

Our article helps you to know the information about the participation in Whataburger customer satisfaction survey. The survey is not only helpful for the company, in return, but they also offer something to their customers.


Whataburger serves different types of burgers such as Thick and hearty burger, monetary burger, sweet and spicy bacon burger, Whataburger Patty melt, cop house cheddar burger, honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich, green chile double and Whatacatch. Desserts like hot apple pie, hot lemon pie, cinnamon roll, fruit chews, and cookies. Drinks include soft drinks, coffee, tea, shakes, malts, simply orange juice, and milk. side dishes such as a grilled chicken sandwich, apple and cranberry salad, egg sandwich, taquito, biscuit sandwich with bacon, biscuit with bacon and more. salads like garden salads. The price of the items are quite reasonable and surely the customers can enjoy when they visit Whataburger.

By visiting their official website of Whataburger you can find the stores of Whataburger, Can find a Whataburger location at locations.whataburger.com, you can also shop at shop.whataburger.com. Whataburger has 824 locations all over the world and 22,500 employees working in the stores of Whataburger.

Rules and Regulations:

  • In order to take the survey, one should be the legal resident of Whataburger and his/her age should be minimum of 18 years.
  • The person should be the customer of Whataburger and should possess a recent receipt from a Whataburger restaurant.
  • You can take the survey within one week after the purchase from Whataburger.
  • You can take the survey only once.
  • The participants should provide their contact details in order to take the survey.

Procedure to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of  Whataburger:


  • Laptop or smartphone.
  • Internet connection.
  • Receipt from Whataburger.
  • Minimum knowledge in English or Spanish.

Procedure to participate in the survey:

  1. Visit the official website of Whataburger.
  2. The above link directs you to the survey page of Whataburger.
  3. on the survey page, firstly, enter the survey code at the appropriate spaces provided. You can find the survey code at the bottom of the receipt.
  4. After entering the survey code click on start option.
  5. From then the survey begins. Answer all the questions carefully and genuinely. Mostly the questions will be based on your experience with Whataburger.
  6. After answering all the questions, click on the submit option.
  7. After that provide your personal information such as phone number, home address and email.
  8. In the end, you will receive a validation code which you can redeem it on your next visit to Whataburger.

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Mostly the questions asked in the survey are related to the taste of food, cleanliness of the restaurant, frequent visits to the store, about the price of the food and quality of the food etc.

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